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Barry Carroll Shares ‘Walk With Me’. I Didn’t Want To Let Go.

We came down to this babbling brook, quiet, calm, and consistent. Down the rolling rocks, beneath its mini waves, as the prominent chirps of birds gently piercing the forrest.

I lost you that evening. I knew it would happen.

You let go of my hand.

I didn’t want to let go.

I already missed your big brown eyes, in that last moments of the touch – lingering in phantasm.

My hands now touch the babbling water, as they pass through my fingers. The cooling liquid breeze, replenish my thirsty soul, as I still think of your sweet scent, forever lingering.

The Kentucky raised musician is based out of Ohio. His strength is the story telling and clear vocals that seems to have been harnessed through the years.

And the listener, sure can feel it.

‘Walk With Me’ is a love song that is sung expertly and beautifully By Carroll. Its supple and it drives a stake in our broken hearts, of past loves. The song isn’t anything else, but just a very pretty studio song.

It’s a good thing.

Anyway, we hope to see more information on Carroll, in the future.



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