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Basement Revolver Shares Single ‘Knocking’ Off Of Upcoming Debut Album ‘Heavy Eyes’.

We do many things throughout our short lives, in the effort to take our minds off of the harshness of the world around us. Whether because of the politics, economics, social, or other, many of us on this fine Earth take into account – consciously or unconsciously – these big issues. And in trying to take the ‘edge off’ of the ‘troubles’ we perceive, we do other ‘things’ to make things right – for the moment.

Distractions…these are tools in our arsenal to mentally and emotionally cope with all of the responsibilities.

And we human beings, do it well.

Big part of the world’s economy is built on humans loving what they do, at their home, and outside of work.

But the world outside, never goes away.

It waits for you.

Never leaving.

Always breathing down your neck.

Don’t fret.

Relax. Take that deep breath. Take a second. Close your eyes.

You got this.

We know so.

‘Knocking’ is a single included in the upcoming new debut album ‘Heavy Eyes’, which drops August 24th.

The band consists of: Nimal Agalawatte, Chrisy Hurn, and Brandon Munroe.



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