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Basement Revolver Shares Title Tracks ‘Heavy Eyes’ Off Of Upcoming Debut Album (Aug. 24th).

Last time we did a review on BASEMENT REVOLVER was for their single ‘Knocking’. We’d stated: “We do many things throughout our short lives, in the effort to take our minds off of the harshness of the world around us. Whether because of the politics, economics, social, or other, many of us on this fine Earth take into account – consciously or unconsciously – these big issues. And in trying to take the ‘edge off’ of the ‘troubles’ we perceive, we do other ‘things’ to make things right – for the moment.”


Now, we come to a month since that review. Close to the August 24th date when their debut album ‘Heavy Eyes’ drops.

This title track, simply is, ‘totally different in feel and vibe’. And that’s what we wanted from BR, as we knew they can.

Now, you all get to feel their ‘power’ as they gloss you over like an ant on that little bitty ant-hill you call your life.

Sorry. That was bit harsh.

Anywho, this track is an ear cleaning, and very much representative of what BR can do.


Just listen, to it, dang you!



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