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Basenji – Don’t Let Go (feat. Mereki)

Basenji’s Don’t Let Go featuring Mereki (another fab artist) dropped in August and we at CHF are so happy we can say a blurb about it. This is because we’re fans. And even better is when a song combine 2 artist who we’re fans of, it makes our listening time even better. It’s the cream fudge on top of that cake, you know?

The vocals of Mereki melds comfortably into the song. She has a nack of doing that, for her voice is naturally haunting and ‘optimistic’ at the same time. Weird, but that’s how we hear her vocal execution. And then, Sebastian’s (Basenji) producing keeps thing at level, throwing typical pop elements with some atypical synth options, to throw us off into thinking “hm, this is not strictly electronica, so no guilt in liking this song”.

Yep, it’s a good thing all around with this song. Not too many peaks and valleys, but the stable beats, predictable intros/outros make Mereki’s vocals sun-shine.

What else is there to do, right?

It’s good stuff.



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