Bathe Alone ‘In Deep’ : Delivers with a sultry thump of thought in possibilities.

Bathe Alone

“I wanted [‘In Deep’] to be an unapologetic in it’s aesthetic and even in the lyrics,” said Bathe Alone. “Lyrically, the song is about a relationship that has been brought to fruition only to be deteriorated, and what it feels like to lose everything that’s been worked for. Depending on if you hear the song in first person or in third person, the lyrics can be completely spiteful, or self-loathing. But that’s what I love about writing in the vague, is that it allows the listener to chose which side to put themselves on in the story.”

Born into existence, Bathe Alone, is the one woman project by Bailey Crone. Down-right an emotions provocateur, the Atlanta based artist is able to consume the listener, in that gentlest and unassuming ways. A wispy pause of glancing whispers, dance at the brim of drums, guitars and bass – coaxed by the atmospheric vocals and nuances, delight.

A gel of expansive providence, asserted on an earthly bound that never over promises, but most importantly, delivers with a sultry thump of thought in possibilities.

‘In Deep’ is an 80’s inspired dream pop anthem, off of the upcoming LP ‘Last Looks’. The album thematically deep-dives into her struggles with anxiety and loss, taking time to express her discomfort within the moment with singles like ‘Champagne’ and ‘Calm Down’, as well as recognizing how deep seeded her struggles with loss really are with breakout single ‘The Silence’ and other yet to be released tracks from the LP.

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💛It’s release day for “In Deep”!💛 Check it out wherever you get your music! Link in bio. A little bit about this track – Lyrically it’s about a relationship that has been brought to fruition just to be deteriorated and what it feels like to lose what’s been worked for. The rest is for you to fill in the blanks because everybody has their own journey and losses they relate to. The song isn’t sad though, it’s meant to be more of an 80’s inspired anthem. There’s a guitar riff full of chorus effects inspired by @lizzobeeating’s Juice, and tons of vintage synths to get you going. Let me know what you think and thx for supporting me 💛💛💛💛🪐 . . . . #dreampop #indeep #newmusic #newsong #discovermusic #discovernewmusic #shoegaze #indiepop #indierock #80s #indiemusic #atlantamusicscene #atlantamusic #abstractpainting #bathealone #spotify #applemusic #pandora #lizzo

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