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BATTS // Sam Weber // French 79 // Vern Matz // Minor Pieces

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BATTS – Waste Of My Time

BATTS is uber talented Australian artist Tanya Batt. She’s been pushing the envelope in indie and we are a fan for her decisive distinctions, multiple genre flow, and outstandingly fabulous maker of music. Her latest single ‘Waste Of My Time’ is so cool and visceral you just can’t help but freeze in your day to day, to sit and listen. The project had tackled subjects of this brooding tinsel strength, but seems in this particular single, the pop enhancements have totally been replaced and delivers a Radiohead-esque beauty of thoughtful lyrics, seminal instruments, and of course Tanya’s intelligent and empathetic vocal delivery. ‘Waste Of My Time’ is the final release from the AMP (Australian Music Prize) nominated debut album ‘The Grand Tour’. She stated: “”A bitter end to a relationship and a final goodbye in Waste Of My Time, written as the final track and composed with the build up and intensity to create the feeling of Voyager leaving our solar system and crossing into the vast unknown of Interstellar Space”.

Sam Weber – It’s All Happening

From his upcoming new album ‘Everything Comes True’ (Oct 25th), SAM WEBER does his thing again and servers up an ace with ‘It’s All Happening’. A delightful simplicity of story and folk harmonies, entangling itself inside out in a soft ballad of dance steps, it brightens up your day and everyday. SAM WEBER is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who originates from British Columbia (Canada). Sam has 2 LPs and an EP, ‘New Agile Freedom’, released in 2018 which features the track ‘Ex-Lover’ – a song that was by no accident named best song of 2018 by Bahamas on The Strombo Hundo yearly countdown. Sam is fabulous, from head to tone. A craftsman of words to music, indeed.

French 79 – Hometown

Marseille based electro-pop artist French 79 (Simon Henner) dropped ‘Hometown’. Inspired by the cinematic sounds of Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Soft Machine, Simon remembers recording soundtracks from TV movies so that he could listen to them later. Echoing Simon’s childhood in that world, his astonishment for the extraordianry – whether a sad or happy memory – are tolerated with open arms, as he continues down this artistic journey. His tolerance is happiness of a very personal kind, and translates into this amalgam of intuitions that color the atmosphere. Quite a cinematic trip. His newly announced album ‘Joshua’ drops November 8th, and you can see Simon and his project next @ Espace Julien Marseille, on December 20th, in Marseille.

Vern Matz – Skyscrapers

We’d said of VERN MATZ, the Brooklyn based indie-folk/pop band: “With Neil Young like strumming, and as beautifully crafted and descriptive lyrics, the gang in VERN MATZ continues to impress.” They continue again as the single ‘Skyscrapers’ comes at you with odd changes, timing, quirks, and lyrical fascination, as they’ve done prior. The band stated: “‘Skyscrapers’ is an old song about mysterious headaches, unstable ceilings, lost cats and spoiled youth.” Odd eh? But so very good and good for you. They are part of a collective with two other fabulously talented bands TOLEDO and Bluish – of both which we’d covered as well. Just can’t help it when the outputs are so dang good, right? Thoughtful, iridescent, and offering up methods of humbly looking at the past, in the hopes of looking better into the future – that’s what VERN MATZ brings. Look for their new album in February of 2020.

Minor Pieces – This House

‘This House’ by MINO PIECES (Ian William Craig and Missy Donaldson) made us say: “The vocal harmonies are the true highlights of their current bodies of work, and the nature of their efforts, bear so much tasty fruit, both in construction in beautiful words and cosmic, hymn like, spirituality resounding through in whole” in a prior article. “Warmth and textures, struggle none with this single, as you’re buttered in awash of flavor and gargantuan invigoration” are what the duo brings and has again with ‘This House’. The relativity of here and there, delivers with a succinct valence of striding mysticism, framed by all of the experiences of self and love and even the cynical. Look for their upcoming publication ‘The Heavy Steps of Dreaming’, out October 4th.


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