Baxter Dury – Prince of Tears

“Watch me dare. Dare me, Maximillian.” She was indomitable. She was a handful. Her stares hurt you, then perpetually made you love her.

Baxter Dury’s Prince of Tears is gold. Mantra-like subduction in love, in fate, in consequence – takes one far away into the rough and tumble viciousness of life. Oh the daily life. They say nothing is more sweet, if no taste of bitterness is there with it. But one must survive that bitter and sourness, first.

Dury’s been in the game for long while and has produced an array of music. But all of his work is attainable, unique, variously selected, precocious, and dramatic. It’s a ton of journeys, cogently lined up- for our memories to hang on to.

His ‘It’s a Pleasure’ debut album (PIAS) was a search for that inner self and the reckoning of what he’d decided to do with that option.

In ‘Prince Of Tears’, the journey might still be on that highway, but it’s mature, particular, serene in nature.

The mountain loomed large, to the boy that stood.
Stood he did, with the manly look.
His hair was gold, but he didn’t know.
That his journey, will grip his soul.
His body rang, with excitement it did.
Searching to see, what else that be.
The mountain loomed small, it can be done.
Let’s take that first step, my gallant one.

Dury’s new album is named ‘Prince Of Tears’ and it drops this Friday, October 27th, for all the kitties to listen to. ‘Kitties’ meaning people, of course.

We’re big fans of his, and we dig his latest songs a lot.

We think you should give him a try.

Never know, maybe you’ll like where he’ll take ya.

He’s rep’ed by the gang at PIAS Le Label.


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