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Bay Faction – Donor

Dream-bedroom-pop excess is the message of BAY FACTION. The Boston based trio (James McDermott, Kris Roman, and Alex Agresti) is the observational exercise we all need in our lives. Social mores, detracted by the self-announced decadence, waking up in the morning playing video games – a day in the life of a boy or a girl – living, dying, not realizing that this is the only life available. Then bam! One day it’s all clear. Or is it? BF’s album ‘Florida Guilt’ is about a ‘decrepit state, harboring a decaying population, embodies the ethos of James McDermott’s religious upbringing”. Depression from repression of his queer identity. Embroiled with inner confusion, longing for the ‘normal’ life of a youthful potential that he has deemed afforded to him as a human being. BAY FACTION is compelling alone, in the lyrics. Dig it.

Madus – Famous

“Why am I the last one to know” she asked. “Because you’re so busy being you, hun” That’s how the conversation would go, on, and on. The friends gave each other an other worldly amount of energy and support that they quenched for each and every day. And with MADUS’ single ‘Famous’ just give us the same kind of energy that we seek every day. The rock n’ roll clarity that comes off of the guitars, the lyrics, and the straightforward drums, is a best friend that we never knew we had. Dugan Cruz (singer/guitarist) and Sam Sobo (drummer) met in 2009 on a musicians classified site (aka ‘online dating website for musicians’ Sam Sobo called it). “It was love at first note,” joked Dugan Cruz.

Basement Alchemy – Zero To One

A caramel combination of rock and pop, BASEMENT ALCHEMY, is the project of Shai Pelled. With ‘Zero To One’, we’re taken to a place of commercial decadence, with love and the laces of attraction to the next-great-thing, becomes an empowerment of the person inside all of us. Ultimately residing to the fact that there is ‘uniquely’ only one. One of you, one of our species, one of our world, a Universe glued with the mysteries of love. This single is an anomaly that just doesn’t quit in its message and energy. It’s something definitely to behold. Shai’s album drops early Spring 2019.

Ravens & Chimes – Big Ups

Asher Lack said of ‘Big Ups’: “The biggest positive that came out of considering the difference between expectations and experience, was that it prompted me to think a lot about what it actually meant to be a success. I wrote this song to stay upbeat about finding the things that are important (friends, family, making good work) and not letting the static get in the way. It’s a lot to ask of a song, but I’m happy with how it turned out and it’s one of the rare times when the music actually came out better than it was in my head!” Indeed Asher. With a more seasoned ‘outlook’ the band, known for the energy and pop shimmer they possess, sedates your angst and messages your tensions. ‘Big Ups’ is that ‘happy place’ we all want to visit, when we are in danger of exploding. The band’s new upcoming album ‘The Empty House’ drops in February.

Jones Jones – Dreamer

“This song is about people who think their dreams are worth more than the people in their lives,” said JONES JONES of ‘Dreamer’. “It’s about the distance they keep because they’re too focused on getting into the spotlight, but are blind to the friends and support they’ve had all along.” If looked at the situations as a total positive, that particular person was ‘laser focused’ for success. Unfortunately the support system he/she had was left in the dust, but it’s called sacrifice, no? Well, not really. In this world there’s a fine line between knowing what you have, and the value they add to your life. We’re fallible beings, and sometimes those nuances leave our senses for a bit. Is it too late to come back and build bridges again? Maybe. Depends on the other party, right? But ‘trying’ is at least an offering of truce and honor to the exercise. Let JONES JONES’ singularly calming and pragmatic psyche dream pop in ‘Dreamer’ immerse you.


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