Baybs ‘Drifter’ : Testament to the constant turbulence and distress caused by social anxiety


“Drifter was inspired by a poem written by Melissa Russi, a really close friend and collaborator,” emphasized Baybes (Craig Jacob). “Pulling together lines that really resonated with me and adding lyrics of my own, ‘Drifter’ tells the story of a free spirited soul conflicted by a constant yearning to move from place to place and the stagnation needed to achieve stability. I remember at the time we wrote it Melissa had her mind set on leaving to travel for an indefinite amount of time and really felt the need to just get away, so I ended up heavily personifying her as the anonymous character.”

To create an atmosphere of multilayered vocal texture, Jacobs frequently collaborates with singers Chloe Zelma Studebaker (Zelma Stone) and Melissa Russi, live and in the studio. Jacobs teamed up with producer Timothy Vickers aka GrandBankss (who also plays bass in Baybs) to record the a debut EP ‘Intovertigo’.

The five track album is a true testament to the constant turbulence and distress caused by social anxiety as well as the general feeling of chronic alienation from ones’ immediate surroundings. Despite the intensity of the lyrics, in true Baybs fashion, the record is upbeat.

The full EP is out on June 11th.


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