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B*BOSS Shares ‘If You Leave Me’. “This Is A Story About Life, As Seen From A Place Where We Spend It”.

B*BOSS delves into the question of the part of what makes our lives, what they are. A part of the necessary territory that sees and hears many facets of our interesting or non-committal existence. The flavor of what we do in private, with another, or with the thoughts of our minds, come to bare in this latest of the band’s deep and thoughtful single ‘If You Leave Me’ (and it’s accompanying music video).

“This is a story about life, as seen from a place where we spend up to 1/3 of our lives, our beds. Our bed bares witness to some of the most private and intimate moments of our lives. Our secrets, our desires, our dreams and our fears. In bed, we laugh, we cry, we ponder, we obsess, we explore, we discover, we love, and we even die. For many of us, our bed is the most familiar place we know. It is the one place where we feel safe.”

“The challenge of life is to keep it exciting, to stay inspired, and to keep dreaming. Sadly, for most of us, life is a journey of diminishing returns, where the most we can hope for in the end is the love and companionship that come to us through the relationships we’ve cultivated along the road. If You Leave Me endeavors to explore this journey.”

The sum of our worth and in total, is a summation of the parts. Let’s make the best of the part of life, better, and incrementally sweeter.

Recognizing and accepting, is the first step.



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