Be No Rain ‘Call Back’ : Cast a worthy discussion of sultry vibes and wispy story telling

Be No Rain

London-based artist Be No Rain offers exciting single ‘Call Back’.

“‘Call Back’ is a song about longing, set within a cycle of eternal recurrence,” said Be No Rain. “The title is a simple pun; a returned phone call or an action that harkens back to a previous moment. Throughout my debut album, the protagonist senses himself trapped within an endless cycle of heartbreak. So this is perhaps where the cycle begins anew; with the aching hope of new love, and the eery sense that you’ve lived this moment before.”

Following singles ‘All Night, Right?’, ‘Deadweight’, and ‘Media Luna’, effervescent themes of emotions, cast a worthy discussion of sultry vibes and wispy story telling in ‘Call Back’.

“The last time we saw these characters our protagonist had just been jilted at prom. Rather than face the pain of rejection, he conjures a world where good and evil are binary and opposing forces. It’s a sort of plaintive, saviour-fantasy where the smirking prom king, and his friends are transmorphed into an evil robot cabal.”

Deep, Be No Rain. Deep.

‘Call Back’ is from the debut album ‘Strawberry Backstory’. Out now.

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🎵 Holding Hands in Plastic Gloves 🎶 Well…this one isn’t exactly what you might think. I wrote this song after watching a production Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart, which is a stunning play from 1985 about the early days of the AIDS crisis in New York City. I couldn’t have known, and would scarcely have hoped that the song would be so fitting today. There is a stark difference, however, between today’s context and that of the early 80’s. At the core of Kramer’s play is the the horrifying realisation that at their time of greatest need the world had turned their backs on the suffering of the gay community. Today, we’ve not had the option of turning away, but it’s worth remembering that while this virus doesn’t discriminate, it’s effects exacerbate the suffering of those who we’ve too often discriminated against. When we’re finally looking back on this pandemic, the chances are that we’ll see this as yet another driver and amplifier of inequality. I know you know this, but when you can please try to seek out ways to redress the balance. I’ve put a link to my favourite organisation in the bio, @sheltercharity 📸 @aoifeblair

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