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Beach Skulls Share New Single ‘Love And Sex’ Off Of Upcoming New Album ‘Las Dunas’. Drops June 1.

Beach Skulls’ new single ‘Love And Sex’ is that territorial pterodactyl, swooping and gliding around that basin of a hill-valley, constantly looking for the kill (or the next mate). The eye folds of that lovely beast cannot be compared in real time, for mere words cannot describe the glorious wing span and the footprint of the flying castle.

New sophomore album ‘Las Dunas’ drops June 1.

That valley was fine tuned in the sun light, where life was teeming with enthusiasm and hopeful attitudes. The long beak of that flying beast, was never missed by its friends and foes. The dragon of that daytime sky was magnificent. Now the end of the long cold weather was gone. The significant warmth of the pre-historic Galaxy was apparent.

There was meaning in her existence.

She felt it.

No one can miss what was being accomplished.

“There’s supposed to be more pressure than ever on your second record,” says Vieira, “but that wasn’t how it felt to us. We were more comfortable than last time; we had time to sit around drinking a few beers and trying different things. We didn’t think we had to rush.

Blissful garage dream pop is what happens with Beach Skulls. The magical guitar strums takes us back to that beach party with the girl of our dreams.

Combine with the airy presentation of delectable lyrics, make the single that drip of molasses – on her breasts, beckoning – in that sleepy downtown summer afternoon.

You’re in love.

And we’re in love with ‘Love and Sex’.

“We’re all in our mid-twenties, and it feels like one of those things where, if we don’t do it now, we might never do it,” explains Finney. “There’s something about the laid-back lifestyle out there that appeals, as well as the weather, obviously. There’s a fantastic arts scene, too. It feels like it’d be a natural habitat for us.”

Let’s get into what Beach Skulls has to say.


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