Beach Skulls Share ‘That’s Not Me’ From The New Album ‘Las Dunas’ (June 1st).

Liverpool/Manchester band Beach Skulls brings it hard with this dandy of a psych-rock diddy ‘That’s Not Me’, off of the upcoming new album ‘Las Dunas’ (out June 1). The single delights in the sunshine with the bitch-slap of a scolding to that significant other who, for some reason doesn’t understand her plight. Her pain. Her struggle.

“There’s supposed to be more pressure than ever on your second record,” says singer-guitarist Ry Vieira, “but that wasn’t how it felt to us. We were more comfortable than last time; we had time to sit around drinking a few beers and trying different things. We didn’t think we had to rush.

Let the sunshine in, for goodness sakes.
Let the strain of the heat, melt away that old knot.
In the back of the hissing snakes, scared and coddled.
Wrenching and pulling, at the skin of remaining dignity.

The band reminds the masses of the north of somewhere in Europe, manifesting the under-lands in dreams afar and near. Depicting the grandness of liquid premises of theoretical rummaging – tired now, but still determined.

“We’re all in our mid-twenties, and it feels like one of those things where, if we don’t do it now, we might never do it,” explains Finney.“ There’s something about the laid-back lifestyle out there that appeals, as well as the weather, obviously. There’s a fantastic arts scene, too. It feels like it’d be a natural habitat for us.”

Beach Skulls’ ‘Las Dunas’ is a sign of turning to another chapter for the band. The kindling is reciprocated and the fire is burning faster. And Vieira and his bandmates, distinctly approve.

Let’s keep the momentum going.

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They’re rep’ed by Punk Slime.


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