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BEACON Shares ‘Losing My Mind’. “Unresolved. Never to be resolved. Perhaps.”

Departure is right. That’s the way you describe the latest single ‘Losing My Mind’ from BEACON. This ballad is a cry for the un-cryable. It’s the beckoning for the one, which will never come back. It is a tribute to the loss of one’s goals, in that dispute of the mind, the heart.

The heartless. There are many.

But be serenaded by the voluptuously voluminous single, which ‘Losing My Mind’ is.

It fills your jar of hope, to the brim. But disgustingly, spits you out with the common result of disappointment of a relationship, we all feel.

In the past.


In the future?

THOMAS MULLARNEY III’s vocals is vulnerable and beckons to be held. But willingly, it pushes back at the unintended consequences of a dream un-fulfilled for the protagonist. It rights the ‘ship’ at the end of this trip, with a tinge of regret and understanding.

Unresolved. Never to be resolved.


BEACON consists of: Thomas Mullarney III and JACOB GOSSETT.



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