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BEACON Shares Single ‘Be My Organ’. “Indignant Ways. Don’t Betray Me.”

BEACON comes back with ‘Be My Organ’. A song and music video about inner peace that is indignant and in ways unpredictable. As we’d reviewed their past single ‘Losing My Mind’, the theme seems to be clear and crystal from the listener’s point of view.

With ‘Losing My Mind’, we’d stated: “Departure is right. That’s the way you describe the latest single ‘Losing My Mind’ from BEACON. This ballad is a cry for the un-cryable. It’s the beckoning for the one, which will never come back. It is a tribute to the loss of one’s goals, in that dispute of the mind, the heart.”

The more action packed and faster pace of ‘Be My Organ’ feels like it’s the ‘second coming’ of your personal integrity, and knack for the confusion profoundly disseminated by the world you inhabit.

And then anger strikes.

No visceral screaming.

No physical violence.

Just the ‘inner peace’ you feel when you’ve ‘surrendered’ to that notion. The notion of inevitability.

The notion of your life, on rails to an unknown horizon.

It’s normal to be afraid.

Don’t betray yourself.



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