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Bear Axe. A Beautiful Conundrum. Rock Out With Them. It’s Cool. (Last Call – EP)

We get pleasantly surprised by bands. They’re talented, emotive, and have some fabulous outputs. And we sometimes think that they are making the songs just for us, here at CHF. Then sometimes a band’s concept makes our jaws drop a bit (more than usual). And this time, it’s Bear Axe. Yes. The band with ‘heavy-metal’ genes, but is a complex mix of styles and disciplines in music. Their latest EP ‘Last Call’ makes that very evident and we were compelled to act. Well, write, TBH.

Bear Axe consists of: Shaina Shepherd (Vocals), Matt Williams (Guitars), Jon Lemmon (Bass), and “Nukkles” Tuitama (Drums).

It’s devious.

It’s demonstrably unfair.

The songs are a combination of blues, pop, jazz, ska, rock, hard-rock, and 80’s hair band.

We don’t know where to categorize it, but we love it.

The progression of our emotions, going through the songs kicked out the cobwebs in our heads (there’s lots), and we appreciated everything that happened. Including the hard blues derivative blues from the guitars, to the succulent interpretative vocals and dramatics of lead singer, Shaina Shepherd.

In some songs (especially ‘Ready Or Not’), Shaina’s high note vocals and the thumping of the band reminded us somewhat of an 80’s metal band named Helloween’s hit single ‘I Want Out’ (hard rock, built around metal and mid-capacity-hair band, the comparison, in our eyes is a compliment). It’ not a perfect apples to apples comparison, but the invigorating sounds and distinct style makes Bear Axe a fasciation to listen to.

The band isn’t built around that metal notion, but somehow we got really excited about that.

Anywho, the band should be a constant act at places like ‘House of Blues’ or ‘Hard Rock Cafe’, and such. Don’t know if the band wants to, but you know, we’re just sayin’.

For we’d go and watch, listen and have a fabulous time. And sometimes, music is all about that, ain’t it?

So, Kudos Bear Axe. Kudos.

Hope to hear from you all more and learning more about the band, as time passes.

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