Bear’s Den ‘Christmas, Hopefully’ : Beauty in all of its subtleties. Perfect for the holiday season.

Bear's Den

Bear’s Den brings calm and sanity back into your listening hearts with the holiday title single ‘Christmas, Hopefully’. And with just like their body of works, Bear’s Den’s trademark, angelic vocals and production, delights all of your senses.

And in the best traditions of their style of gentlemanly folk goodness, they mix the unmistakable soft-melodic-rock traditions, to complete a song that riddles your empathies, to the brim.

“It’s been an incredibly strange and difficult year for all of us. What Christmas stands for couldn’t be more at odds with the idea of lockdown or a tier system and the idea of potentially not being able to share that time with friends and family. Christmas can also be quite a challenging and difficult time of year for a lot of people even when there isn’t a pandemic going on.

Your heart feels fuller. Your mind feels autumn clear. Your light for what this world means to you, seems closer than ever.

That’s what Bear’s Den have and does with their music.

Beauty in all of its subtleties.

The new upcoming EP, out December 1st.


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