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Beasthead – Mercy Kill

Minneapolis based band BEASTHEAD is a vision of dream’s dreams. An electronica framed indie-rock band, blending multiple genres, and all in the effort to tell that story of stories. The importance of the tale, is the crucial importance of this project. Never forgetting what it is like to be understood, the forgiving attitudes of the artist in BEASTHEAD, wrangles with pride towards their ambidextrous constructions. Left and beyond right, the casualties of war – a world in which the death of one, can lead to new beginning – suffers alone, in a desolate, but impending bliss. Albeit, a triumphant tragedy. BEASTHEAD tells stories, with enlightened focus on what it takes to tell it so vividly, and with emotion. ‘Mercy Kill’ is about the nuance of making choices and facing the consequences. Delicious.

Blu DeTiger – Tangerine

20-year-old New Yorker Blue DeTiger is, through and through, a perfectionist in chic disguised. The fabulous bassist with the DJ attitude, brings fun and danceability’s that gets you going and going and going. Latest from the talent is ‘Tangerine’. “This song is special to me because it’s a dreamland version of my influences,” said Blue. “It’s a strong bass-driven groove with unique parts coming in and out. There’s a vulnerability in admitting what you want. ​​​​The song is about going beyond that initial step and creating the environment you want. ‘The crown look good on me, fresh like tangerine, I wanna write my name on your walls’ — It’s flirty, cheeky, empowering, badass, and the groove just glides.​​​​​​​” Blu is a musician, first and foremost. The gifted bassist brings stylings of the 70’s funk into her DJ-ing format, carrying through the authenticity that afflicts certain and distinct impressions to her audience. The gal with the tiger eyes, knows what she wants, and she wants you to join her in the quest.

Stone Irr – I Don’t

September 20th, STONE IRR’s new album ‘Performance’ drops. The west-coaster (Los Angeles), with the mid-west set of musical pallets, Stone’s cylindrically fibrous dream-pop shimmer is both decadently altruistic and subserviantly crude. Both complexities of thought and curiosities, are mentioned as simple, down to earth inquiries on what it is like to live in such times. ‘I Don’t’ is one of those reasonable segments of life, where ‘distancing’ from a certain, someone is conceptually easy, but realistically cumbersome and hard. This can be a part of a lover’s quarrel. It can be regarding a friend who you’d thought in a different way. It can be an effort to protect the one you care about – disguising yourself as a thoughtful white knight. But the end circumstances stand the test of time. Difficulty in separation – emotionally – tears you to pieces. If you let it. Stone observes changes. His songs makes us feelz.

Keon Masters – <3 Of The City

The solo effort is his big dedication to his new life as a married man, with new responsibilities and promises that he’s bound to accomplish. A lovely send off to a past chapter, which is still a big part of his, future of even more smiles and happiness. Keon stated: “There’s starting over and there’s starting over,” says Keon Masters, densely, “and I’m very fortunate that I’m enduring the prior and not the latter.” He’d never thought he’s go solo either. He’d never really knew what he was in for in love and marriage. Life just came by and said its salutation to Keon, and things just formed. And so far, with all of the challenges and stress, he’s on a path that he’s come to love and appreciate like no other. His latest album ‘Many Thanks’ is that tribute in Keon’s own sarcastic vibe. Concerns come to a person expected to be responsible. But if you make it, you have to own it, right? Keon is all smiles.

Corb Lund – Ride On ft. Ian Tyson

Classic words of AC/DC’s ‘Ride On’ comes blazing through the vibes of CORB LUND and feature guest IAN TYSON, whom brings his weight as one of Canada’s beloved country musicians. In this live set music video, the 85 year old Ian Tyson gives his chorus addition to ‘Ride On’ and the more effervescent singing of Corb Lund. Award winning and beloved himself, Corb’s music both Americana and Country, keeps the connection of North America and its inner beauty up and center in his contemporary musical vibrance.

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