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Beauty Queen – Goner

Hazy, gazy, lush – that’s who BEAUTY QUEEN is to us. You know that feeling when you’re hit by a car on a pretty autumn weekend morning and you wake up with the feeling that you’re in love? Oh, maybe you haven’t had a car hit you, but you feel what we’re getting at. It’s that dizziness, that woozy, floating feeling where there’s for a moment, no pain or any emotions at all. But you know you exist. It’s a helpless feeling but of total conviction. Well, that’s how we felt when we listened to ‘Goner’ by BEAUTY QUEEN. The voice and songwriter is Katie Kai Iannitello behind the moniker, and with this song she makes us that helpless person on the ground, after being hit by a ‘car’. We’ve been hit, so we just lie there ‘amazed’. Makes sense? Only for us? We apologize. One thing we don’t apologize for is how good this single is. That much we know.

Heavenstamp – おたからさがし (Otakara Sagashi)

Digital rock. Indie-pop. Effervescence. And all of this comes with the fabulous contented vocals of Sally#Cinnamon. She along with Tomoya, the duo Japanese rock band is a inspirational premise in this single ‘おたからさがし (Otakara Sagashi)’. The twists and turns presented by this song is delicate and subtle. But when it comes down to it, the anthemic single propels our imagination farther than it could. If you’ve never heard of HEAVENSTAMP, then dig a little deeper and you’ll find the kind of un-pretentious shimmer throughout the band’s work. It pumps you with adrenaline, a brighter outlook on life, and an appreciation for the little things in life, a bit more.

Night’s Edge – Be One Of Us

Frenetic and driving, the alt-rock band NIGHT’S EDGE is the one to kick you into gear, if you really wanted to. The tinge of emo, dialed in with the stylics of ol’ school rock resolutions, make ‘Be One Of Us’ a part of your day that brings some solace. Didn’t have a good morning? Ran out of your favorite cereal? Your girl called you to break up at your sales meeting? Your parents told you they were divorcing – out of the blue? What a sh*tty day, we agree. NIGHT’S EDGE brings the ‘metal’ in you, and drags it out to enjoy the rest of the world that you are missing, while your head’s down. It’s not about aliens. It’s a song about you. You got friends in NIGHT’S EDGE. The Baltimore band released their ‘3 Wax’ EP, and they want to dominate your soul in 2019. Will you let them? Word.

The Mistoos – Girl (I Need You)

Psychadelic indie-rock band THE MISTOOS. They are amazing on this single. With pulp two steppin’, with the subtle attitude afforded by the brooding but delightful vocal harmonies, distinctly elevate ‘Girl (I Need You)’ to cult-like fabulousness. In our minds, a song like this needs you to have a cigarette in between your lips – even if you don’t smoke anymore. It invokes the bad-ass understated hammer of an attitude you have deep inside your tightly ironed heart, to burst out and to rule. They would dig that. And she would dig that too. The contemporary feel of the lyrics in contrast with the utterly scrumptious retro-riffs, makes THE MISTOOS a heck of a fun deal.

yeardley – tigers for the pennant!

Second release from YEARDLEY is ‘Tigers For The Pennant!’. Not a song about baseball. Really. It’s, but a song about the evoking feelings culminated by a cascading acts and non-acts of the life-in-a-day. The vastly enigmatic and Universal vocals, textured by the dreamy strokes of the guitar pick, lifts the essence of the contrast. The dark and the morose, depicted in a nihilistic taunt for the un-lucky – weeping and praying that the fact of the matter in the relationship isn’t true. “It’ll get better, if you just tell me you mean it…” is the attitude. The story doesn’t end, and that’ where this beautifully laid out single belongs – and does. It lightly walks over the pond of ‘mixed feelings’ and never judges. Kudos. Listen to this Des Moines, Iowa based band. We sure do.


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