Beauty ‘Time’ : At the end of the day, reveals your truth and in its nature.


Deaglan, Nic and Owen brings up feelings of weeping love and affection with single, ‘Time’. A reminder of a certain time of your lifetime, a resistance of beauty and sentimentality tackle a concern that, at the end of the day, reveals your truth and in its nature.

Off of the full self-titled album, ‘Time’ is a calling of rhythms and harmonies, reminiscent of events and interactions in emotive concerns. Love and heartache, dotted by the wholesome happiness that can pot-mark our lives, decorate the angsts of this charming single.

Rock and roll trio from Asbury Park, New Jersey, released their first single, ‘Sweet’ in 2018. Pushing the boundaries – their own and of the outside world – the trio flings challenges to the side and marches on with their craft.


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