Bec Caruana ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ : Deep and rich, like the blue of the Pacific Ocean’s depths.

Bec Caruana / Photo: Sanet Lindeque

Beautifully humble. Beautifully glorious. A beckoning and sultry production, ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ is a rock fused pop/r&b loveliness that soars. And we can’t imagine a more dynamic voice to carry the song through than Bec Caruana.

Said Bec: “A couple of years ago I started to play the piano again and I wrote a bunch of songs that blindsided me a little, I had loads of different stories to tell. Life had given me so much to write about over the years. I guess I had a renaissance feeling, I wasn’t done yet. I had always wanted to record and write this kind of music and thought, I would when I’m older.”

“Perfectly Imperfect is about so many facets of life but in essence we are all human and, Perfectly Imperfectly created, with every right to mess up, to feel, take risks, learn and grow…. Stop seeking perfection, it’s here now, probably in front of you”

Deep and rich, like the blue of the Pacific Ocean’s depths, Bec’s vocals look engagingly into your soul, propelling you into another world – for a little while – for a little more of where you’d like to be.


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