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Beck Pete // Teenage Priest // oceaneater // Creature Fear // Cole Shway

Beck Pete – Future Lovers

Whoa baby. BECK PETE is a person wholly unto herself and there’s no one else who can compete. With attitude the size of the Grand Canyon, the talented artist keeps things lively, moving forward, relevant and offers art, worthy of talking about. Said Beck: “My name is Beck Pete. I am dedicated to love, feelings, self-awareness, and telling stories about those things. I am a muse-based writer, inspired by moments and people that make me feel a little extra alive. For the rest of my life, I just hope to make people feel less alone and more understood… Ok I lied. WHAT I REALLY WANT is to make cohesive art motivated from a real place that helps ease people into understanding that vulnerability and strength can only exist in tandem.” See told ya. ‘Future Lovers’ is the clash of expectations from two lovers. And when the rubber meets the road in a serious relationship, the real test begins. Either one will fail and bail. Or both will come together in harmony. What will happen?

Teenage Priest – Make You Better

Taylor Van Ginkel is the brains and heart behind TEENAGE PRIEST. The Orange County California based artist shimmies attitudes and visions of love and being helpless. Helpless in trying to help, but nothing could be. In love, because of the care that is needed to stay and heal together. A complicated process of human habits and frailties, are highlighted in a dream-pop extravagance and it somehow makes us all feel better about our own frailties. Tender loops, and pastel colored afternoons are the kinks of this delightful single. TEENAGE PRIEST derides the contrasts of the days, but never forgets where the days have crumbled. Hence, through the rubble of living, a new set of vibrancy can bloom where you’d never thought. At least in theory. Let’s try it out. Let’s try and ‘Make You Better’.

oceaneater – Time Well Spent

OCEANEATER’s single ‘Time Well Spent’ delivers the dark in a neatly wrapped package of surf-rock rhythm. It’s up to you if you don’t want to be haunted by the thrust of the guitars; it’s up to you if you don’t want to be hacked to death with the clashing beats. It’s the burning house that will collapse and at this time, you just don’t care. The vocals kill your very existence, as the graveyard of your days, grapples for your heart. Your death is inevitable; your rebirth will be paid for in interest. The sound of OCEANEATER is driving, fresh, engaging, and if you wanna have some fun, you go see them on the stage. It’s an experience. Oh and bring your flashlight. It’s darkness’ turn to play.

Creature Fear – Baby Love Me

CREATURE FEAR is a classic jangly electric guitar offering of good times. Yep. good times are here to be offered to all who enter their lair of music, love, beats, hooks, and dance. Bop away, will ya! ‘Baby Love Me’ is a blues pop energy supplement that keeps you want to be in the center of the circle to show off your dancing skillz. The single keeps you dancing with a breadth of leg shuffling 50’s rock n’ roll vibes, with indie-folk percussion elements, combining to give off that ‘thank goodness it’s the weekend’ feelz. The Melbourne band with the charm is made up of members: Cameron Graham, Jacqui Lumsden, Jason Mercieca, Larni Pearce and Jack Stephens.

Cole Shway – One Day

Calling the work of COLE SHWAY significant is an understatement. The man with a plan for his music, offers up shimmery folk induced singles from Canada, keeps it real but brings that fantastical vibe to our senses like a boss. We’d called his single ‘On And On’ a song with “guitar strums and the galactic confidence of the lyrics, rains down on you as the finality of the expert blues based guitar solo…soaks you in”. The solitude of his lyrics are of this world, but not; of that world, but ain’t. Contradictions are within the folds of his gentle rocking vibes, but the force of it all exists with never a worry. Slip and slide into the world of COLE SHWAY. You’ll be glad you did. ‘One Day’ is that solid ‘galactic confidence’, again manifesting in utter grievance. It succeeds when some would not.


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