BECKY AND THE BIRDS Share New Single ‘Concept Store’. New Debut EP Due This Spring.

Becky And The Birds returns to us with her new single ‘Concept Store’. The Swedish singer and producer is right back to where she last released her debut single ‘Holding On’. And the momentum rolls on.

‘Concept Store’ brings R&B, bit of Soul, mixed in with slow 90’s pop-R&B elements – incorporating jazziness and classic hip-hop beats. It’s a bazar for the musical senses.

The tone and the single’s very distinct speed is what’s attractive and popular about the song. At the same time, her sensibilities brings not far off of indie and indie attitudes to song construction.

It is independent. And it’s a very cool and nostalgic take to those sensual beats.

“‘Concept Store’ is about when you find yourself obsessing over what the person you love is thinking. I guess you could say that it’s about some kind of paranoia, you’re stuck with the thought and the feeling that he or she is about to leave, and soon you’ll start over-analyzing shit.”

Thea Gustafsson, is Becky And The Birds, and her talents will be fully realized in her upcoming debut EP, later Spring this year. The electronics utilized and formed in the EP is sure to please those guilty pleasure buttons in your brain.

And that makes it an insatiable yearning, we need to satisfy.

Don’t worry. Just listen.


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