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Becky Hill – Warm

Becky Hill has her new Unpredictable in the market place for audible consumption. It’s current and overflowing with pop essence. To CHF, of course it’s just a step over the saccharine-pop/R&B threshold, but it’s quite a song and she’s popular for it.

But the main reason we wanted to feature Becky in this post is to remind us at CHF, of her talent and especially her vocal prowess.

Becky Hill’s Warm is from 2016, but we’re featuring this song in 2017, because we are fabulously infatuated with her voice. Yes, we’re infatuated – maybe even lustful towards her voice. Her voice is something to cherish, for it’s what we all want in a voice – a list of contradictions and contrasts that leaves a mark in our brains.

Her voice is: harsh but warm; dictatorial but sympathetic; booming but controlled; and clean but just steps out of the edges to bring one back for more.

Yes, she’s totally pop, but we dig her and her voice, and her outputs.

Take a view at the video below as well, and see her talent in an acoustic/live setting. It’s fab. Also, you should check her out, if you haven’t already.

Yep, we’re a fan of her. Go, go!



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