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Becky Warren Shares Awesome Fun Single ‘We’re All We Got’. “Shout At The Bad. Smile Now. It’ll Be Alright.”

Looking at the ripped up jeans which you loved from the first siting, you realized that it was time to move to another chapter in your life. With a small ‘sigh’ you trudged up the stairs to the safe place of your bedroom.

“What can go wrong now?”

It wasn’t just the jeans that were torn that day. It was many months that culminated to this point. And that point of exasperating and energy sapping list of unfortunate situations had driven her to this town of last resort.

She counted the waves on the classic paint job of her white painted bedroom ceiling. It was pasty, it was drab, and with the giant fan in the middle of it, it looked just ugly to her. It always did. And today, she hated it more.

Her phone rang, and it was her boyfriend, Thomas. He was a great boyfriend and friend. Maybe she’d confide in him, even though they’d only dated a month. But she was in a slight panic, she confessed to herself, and needed a shoulder to lie on.

“Hey, you. What are you doing?” he asked.

“Hi Thomas. Oh nothing. Just looking at the paint on the ceiling.”

“What? Why are you doing that for? Wait. Something happen?”

“Yea. My jeans ripped.”

“Is that all?”

“No. It’s been a horrendous month, Thomas. Don’t mock me. I’m vulnerable.”

“Oh sorry, Diana. I’m not mocking you. I understand. Let’s get you out of the bedroom, and out in the fresh air. Will you meet me?”


“Meet me in thirty at the docks. I have a surprise for you.”

“What is it?” he asked, eager, but not wanting to seem eager.

“You’ll see! Okay, see you soon!”

She stared at her phone after they hung up. Then she smiled.

BECKY WARREN is a fabulous artist. She’s an activist for causes and with her debut album ‘War Surplus’, she’d made a bit of a hoopla for herself. Now, she’s trying to put a light on the homeless population in the city of Nashville.

Her driving sword in doing her good work for the community are her songs.

‘Undesireable’ is her sohpomore album and it is due to drop on 10/19 and she’s determined to make it about ‘humanity’.

“The rewarding thing for me about the response to my last album,” Warren stated, “was that it gave me a chance to write about veterans—a group of people who are often seen as somehow different or ‘other’—in ways that showed listeners that their struggles and lives are actually really similar.”

On ‘Undesireable’ Becky is supported by: producer/guitarist Knobler, including Warren’s longtime bassist Jeremy Middleton (also of Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen) and her friend and musical mentor, Indigo Girl Amy Ray.

Becky brings the fun and ‘reality’ to her songs. And we appreciate that very much.

Kudos, Becky. Kudos.



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