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bed. – Mallory

The band named bed. brings us the single ‘Mallory’. Their latest EP ‘Replay’ is a blend of psyche and indie-rock description of relations within relationships of new and old. The core duo based out of Portland, Oregon deeply cuts through the morass of life’s little confusions. With grunge-like layers, ‘Mallory’, the husband and wife team consisting of Sierra and Alex Haager, makes the doldrums into happiness, albeit in a hazy and bed-roomy hypnosis. Good stuff.

Jelly Ellington – Butterfly

JELLY ELLINGTON is a project of Jonathan “Jelly” Ellington. The steadfast guitar extravaganza is as exciting as a stage performance of many pop innovators of the past. With blues induced licks and solo, in front of a driving riff support, Jelly keeps it dynamic, sultry, atmospheric and rapturous in his message. The climax of a track like ‘Butterfly’ is indicative of what rock can be. The long awaited project was produced with Dane Orr (Anna Wise, Sonnymoon), accentuates the guitar work of Jelly with great appeal. ‘Butterfly’ is a run up to the upcoming 4 track EP, set to release early 2019.

Lindsey & The Lonelies – Searching For My Cowboy

A country bedazzled and brooding band named LINDSEY & THE LONELIES wollops you with stories of love, misses, ecstasy, and of journeys we rarely take, but should. The band consists of Lindsey Burns (vocals/guitar), Dawn Redskye (guitar/vocals), Tyler Wilson (bass/vocals), and John Huff (drums/vocals). And the combination of such contrast in ‘Searching For My Cowboy’ is an alt-indie country rapture; exploding of the galaxies in your heart, pounded out to truth in the wild west of the desert. The beautifully unique vocals of Lindsey, rocks you to the core with an methodical intent – unsullied and undaunted. What a ride. Their latest full album ‘Lonely is a Dirty Word’ dropped and available now.

Bad Saint – Cover Your Shift

Nothing should stop you from celebrating the goodness of the season’s greetings and sparkling spirit Christmas brings. BAD SAINT’s single ‘Cover Your Shift’ is your quintessential commentary of being Jewish, but equally loving the Christmas holidays. It’s a quaint and cute song that comes into play for many non-Christians in the world. But ultimately, you can enjoy yourself the way you want. That’s the message of this single and we love it. Another thing that we love about this song and BAD SAINT, is that they come to ask the right questions of social discrepancies, but in a very joyful and friendly way. The sparkling bells and arrangement is melancholic, without being cynical. “Every year after Halloween, suddenly coworkers become friendlier, coffee runs complimentary, and new haircuts get a little extra attention in the eternal pursuit of holiday shift coverage.” – BAD SAINT.

Shoulders Of Giants – Dark Poppy

What a refreshing cool breeze SHOULDERS OF GIANTS is with ‘Dark Poppy’. No guilt, no residue, nothing to be afraid of – the single is the best of pop-rock that is, oh so very delicious. The stickiness is a delightful aesthetic that is comparable with Cold Play, and the like, but with shimmering chorus that has the characteristics of something from a Simon & Garfunkel album, drenched with the vocal style of a KANSAS ballad. Just so airy. Just brings a smile to your face, immediately. With a tinge of indie-rock to keep things locked up to the ground, it’s not hard to feel ‘healed’. SHOULDER OF GIANTS is the project of Sydney artist, Mike Brislee. His album ‘Turbine Charlie’ is available now, and it needs your listening.


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