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Song Of The Day! Bee Bee Sea ‘Daily Jobs’ : So exciting. So invigorating. And you know it.

Bee Bee Sea / Photo: Chiara Gambuto

Italian garage-psych trio Bee Bee Sea return with new track ‘Daily Jobs’. The single is taken from their upcoming new album ‘Day Ripper’, which will release October 9th.

‘Daily Jobs’ is the opening track of the new album, and it’s just wild. Frenzied riffs, sharp tempo shifts, melodic choruses, euphoric singalongs: they are all in there representing life’s manic ups and downs and the all-consuming thirst for hope, release and escapism.

Said the band: “The prospect of having a shitty job for the rest of our lives can be suffocating. This song, and the album as a whole, are basically the summary of our lives in the last couple of years, split between working in a factory during the day and playing our music at night. Night is a dream and a day… Day Ripper!”.

Hailing from Castel Goffredo in Lombardy, Italy, Bee Bee Sea formed in 2013 and have since released two albums: the self-titled debut in 2015 and ‘Sonic Boomerang’ in 2017. They have been consistently touring in Europe, the UK and the US, supporting the likes of Thee Oh Sees, Black Lips and Idles.

Wilson Wilson, Giacomo Parisio and Andrea Onofrio are the flames that sets your punk-garage rock butt on fire. And when they do let you burn into the dust that you are, they wave their magic wands of light and music, to rehydrate and repurpose you husk of a body, so that we all can mosh in the middle.

Life is that. A mosh pit of music and sweat, where we smile and have the time of our lives.

That’s what ‘Daily Jobs’ is and you know it.


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