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Been Stellar Shares New Single ‘Everyone Smokes In The City’. We thought of ‘Kenny’.

There was a friend of ours in college who was over dramatic, all the time, every hour. We’ll call him ‘Kenny’, and he would eat something, then say “What is this sh*t!”. When we’d drive to go to camp explore over the weekend, he’d repeat, “Why is the air so clear!” And when he’d listen to new music (music that he’d never himself heard), he’d say, “What is this cr*p!” Why do we mention this?

Because there often times in our reviewing hours, where we think of ‘Kenny’, and say “Listen to this song, Kenny! They don’t deserve your ears!”.

And this time, it’s the single ‘Everyone Smokes In The City’ by Been Stellar.

The song first brought us back to the 90’s. The good kind of 90’s. Alt-rock, slap-rock, garage-rock; what have you. But it’s the kind of beneficial therapy that sometimes our ears need.

“We are getting more comfortable as songwriters and trying to explore new styles, while staying true to our sound,” Been Stellar.

The kind of guitar work in this song is indicative of that cute little duckling, struggling to keep up with his/her siblings, walking quickly down the road. The mother wants him/her to be quicker. The duckling wants, desperately to keep up.

At the end, the duckling succeeds.

And this song succeeds, with its malign poetry of instruments, delicately strung up by the ‘discontentment’ vocals of the lead. It’s a juxtaposition in a song, that, as we’d mentioned, our ‘Kenny’ would have hated.

But we’re into this single, and the Michigan based band.


Kudos gang.

They’re rep’ed and distributed by: Beth Shalom Records, rosecoloured records, and Nothing Feels Good Records.

FYI. We haven’t been in touch with ‘Kenny’ for a long time. Hope he has changed his finicky ways. Amen.




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