Beev Rations ‘My Vow’ : Witty, irreverent and inclined to the unconventional.

Beev Rations

Alan James’ (Beev Rations) music is completely current, thanks to the original -simple but subtle- way to synthesize, craft and perform it, for the delight of a growing audience that now loves and asks for more rooted flavor music. Witty, irreverent and inclined to the unconventional, Alan’s lyrics are suggestive or/and meaningful.

Beev Rations is an indie band of bedroom pop, which music, always alternative, is deeply influenced by the root-styles of Rock, flourishing from the heart with full flavour in those juicy little pearls of songs, expressions of an own musical language. A true musical artisan, he is songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, who also produces BR’s records.


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