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SENSiTiZER x Beffect – Contact
Enrico Bartoli, better know as his artist name Beffect is an Italian producer, DJ and bass guitarist based from Modena, Italy. Not to be restricted to the audio art form, Beffect also experiments with visual art cross over. In early 2017 he started releasing concept videos to accompany his music including working with Fancesco De Maria to create the music for the short video “Tokyo Eyes”. To add to his accomplishments he also recently collaborated with CentroMusica playing live on stage with 2 unique performances of Le Voyage dans la Lune (1902) and La passion de Jeanne d’Arc (1928). We’d once said of Beffect: “Earthy tones, maligned inhibitions, dotted subtractions, enhanced predictions …brings institutional soundscapes to move towards a new horizon. On a planetary scale, the whims of the soft audible shimmers, dive deep into the crevasses of those cracks – the cracks of intuitions and abstractions.”

Neuland – Moons Ago

In the upcoming double LP (October 25th), it focuses on “alluding to everything from weightless grime melodies to windswept film scores”. NEULAND, the project of Tangerine Dream’s Peter Baumann & Paul Haslinger, brings something entirely new. Peter and Paul first workshopped a record under a different name (Blue Room) nearly 30 years ago. “It all boils down to one word — transcendence,” explains Baumann. “The color blue is a cool, calm color and evokes a deeper, more reflective mood, as opposed to red, which is more exciting and stimulating. There’s plenty of stimulation in our world today, with little room for reflection and deeper experience. Neuland is at home beyond fleeting excitement.” A jaunt into the underbelly of a TV series, dreamed up in the lust of whimsical damsels, ‘Moons Ago’ is a cast of within, outwardly poured in reticence and inexorably vacant. A reflection in the symbiotic – mentally and sonically.

Loopsy Dazy – Sounds

‘Sounds’ is the first single from Loopsy Dazy’s debut album ‘Estuary’, which drops October 25th. Loopsy Dazy based in Montreal/Toronto is a live-looping acoustic-electronic band consisting of Mikey Dorje, Eleanor Edgar, Brad Weber, and Adam Jenkins on bass. ‘Estuary’ was recorded live-off-the-floor in various DIY studio setups over the years, with the delectable brand of charm that Lopsy Dazy has become known for. See them for their release show @ O Patro VÝŠ on Oct 26 in Montréal, Quebec.

AMASiKO – Lashon’ iLanga

AMASiKO is the secret side project of a prominent African producer. After racking up multiple top radio 10 hits in Africa and producing & co-writing a song on the latest Beyoncé album – Lion King The Gift, AMASiKO was created as an alternative creative outlet for a different form of expression. The Cinematic Sound of Africa. Sheeeeeeh. Whomever this might be, we’re in it for the calm and perpetual vibes that ‘Lashon’ iLanga’ provides. Looking forward to find out more.

Mentum – You The One

“Guy talking about how he meets an old flame at the club. They act like strangers just to try spark some new feelings. She’s playin, but they both know they’re meant to be. We begun with an unceremonious approach which gave it a genuine feel. It started as a warm- soul-ish vibe, Santana- inspired draft, to a more RnB- Pop song as we added more melodies and lyrics together.” Imagination, check. Solace vocalization, check. Soul and warmth, check. Three checks, mean it’s good to go. For you. For your day of days. “Our 6th release, but first in 2019. We will send all our 50k followers to the platform you decide to blog us on. First hook at 0m:58s.”


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