Begut ‘Like a Girl’ : Subtle elements highlight the bewitching vocals that she can produce.


When Begut sings, and we listen, the world doesn’t seem too bad. It feels much more manageable, as the exuberant confidence of Begut’s story telling and song, lifts you up and smilin’. The artist from Zaragoza, Spain, the talent of her arrangements comes with a jump-and-a-skip, as the clouds seem to part away from the skies.

Soulful vocals, jazzy arrangements and folksy whimsy, all culminate in a delicious soup of a gal with a plan to share her experiences with the world. She always felt a link to music and her main influence during her childhood were The Beatles and Radiohead, and in ‘Like a Girl’, subtle elements highlight the bewitching vocals that she can produce.

Inspired by a Nike spot that shows women in sport doing things that are considered crazy in society, Begut explores all of her most raw, vulnerable and provocative sides. The track carries a youthful hope, it is a scream for freedom and self-expression.

Begut’s powerful and unique vocals guide the track, taking the listener on an intimate journey that gets more and more exciting as the song evolves. The harmony is rich, opening with stacked vocals that carry a sense of romance and expectation.

Her music is a charmer, and we’ll be waiting for more.

Look for more from this artist’s debut EP, that will be fully released in May 2020.


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