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Beharie // Myo // Rock Despot // Mt. Mural // ROELANT

Beharie – Losing My Mind

Norwegian singer/songwriter BEHARIE is special. Special in lyrical decadence, ways in which he sets classic r&b/soul elements, and exuding of the love that makes such an offering so delicious to caress. This melodic debut single is a shining stunner from the 5 track EP upcoming this Autumn 2019. The taste of this mahogany deep single is atmospheric rapture, in the state in which it presents itself. With warm and pop drenched vocals of BEHARIE, the layers combine to destroy any presence to honest. It is a healthy bolstering of traditional reminiscence of what makes such a love song so desirable. Beharie said “The song is about the struggles of being an introverted, soul in a world of full of perceived extroverts and carrying an overwhelming fear of not being good enough or fitting in with the crowd.” There is more to come, from this talented singer. And we just can’t wait.

Myo – A Particle

With Sisa Feherova’s dynamic vocals leading the charge, MYO, brings the single ‘A Particle’ to the masses for consumption. Produced by Jeff nag and with the guitar play by Jim Daoud, the band is an interesting surge in how and why music can be relatively formed in such hybrid mannerisms. Completing the team with collaborators such as Pete Bennie and George Bird, the jazz-fusion future sounds of MYO conducts sparks as does metal to metal touch on an electrical converter. The flux of digital to analogue, intertwined with the whims of pop music, the interesting take of music ‘unbound’ takes full flight. The 4 piece band has an ‘old’ soul and takes the maturity scale of expanse, to new and delightful (and modern) disseminations of energy and musical exuberance.

Rock Despot – Rogue Wave

ROCK DESPOT’s single ‘Rogue Wave’ is an off the clock interest in a journey through chapters of space and time. Peter Jarecki is the mind and heart of this project. And when he speaks, he roars with enthusiasm and personal allegories. Some may say that his music (and maybe his entertainment life) a chapter and verse of allegories. And that’s why in this single, the consistency of words and notes, reveal states of manic excitement and notions of platitudes for the powers that be. But Peter is a superhero. And as superheroes do, he defends against stagnation of the status quo by slicing and dicing his love for what makes him who he is and has been evolving into. “’Rogue Wave’ could easily be mistaken for a love song,” stated Peter. ‘Rogue Wave’ in fact, is about ‘music’ and his love for the craft. As he put it, the source for his powers is the ‘preoccupation’ that has helped him dream up compositions while filling a grocery basket, running ear training drills on his phone while taking public transit…” He is that superhero. Through the haze of daily life, he drills on, making interesting and fascinating cultures of self awareness and writhing passion for ambitions. Grazyna Adamska-Jarecka (his mother) is the hero of this music video and plays ‘Mother Music’.

Mt. Mural – Walls

Consisting of Adam Kump, Joel Ackley, and Chase Pettyjohn (and occasionally Jessica Kump plus emeritus member Clint Wilkins) are Mt. Mural. They state that their music offerings pertain to offer: “healing sonic paint that they will pour all over your worn out velcro dancing shoes, elastic band hips, and even your broken heart. It’s the kind of music you play when your cool friend hands you the AUX cable in the car.” We’d never had such ‘cool’ friends like that. Probably never will, because that’s a commitment. After that a trip for brunch to the local diner is in order. And watch out when that happens. As we digress, we want to remind you that of the jazz-rock fusion goodness of Mt. Mural. And when the Gilbert, Arizona based band aim to cast some music-goodness, they aim high and hit dead center of that bull’s eye. With modern displays of affection through specific elements like trap hi-hat and a math-rock kind of vibe and lo-fi interest, the band combines with a zeal that is gargantuan. The band’s single ‘Walls’ is a decadent achievement of solitary and solum vocals that play neatly off of that guitar wah and layered harmonies. Where it will lead you, is a surprise for you to experience.

ROELANT – Confessor

A rock tribute to the goodness of what rock can be. Progression that is classic and romantic, ROELANT, weaves lyrics like golden threads to silk. Houston based trio are the defenders of modern indie – loud and loud enough; harmonious and substantive to any touch. There are little limitations to the kind of social topics that ROELANT will touch. They see their musical tools to teach and share, and with the seductive rock fervor, in which they bring, it’s easy to see why they’d be so very popular in any live or studio fascinations. Justin Roelant heads this march into the future, with his bandmates Matt Hammersky and Josh Compean helping to make the dream come to life. The refreshingly larger than life vocals of Justin, the band dictates with indicative attitudes for the ‘best to come’ visions. Their latest EP “The Narrows” (available now) continues the goodness. Let ROELANT seduce you.


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