Behold A Pale Horse ‘FUXIT’ : Glides with sand paper weights and solipsistic anxiousness.

Behold A Pale Horse

“There’s thieves in this world, hiding up up the sleeves of this world”. As per Behold A Pale Horse.

It’s a miscreant amount of cosmic derision, delightfully posed in a poetic arbitrage of thoughts and giddy visions. The vibes as thick and virulent as the Talking Heads, the Britain based band glides with sand paper weights and solipsistic anxiousness.

Said the band: “The title track of the album, ‘FUXIT’ rants on the political and media turmoil in modern life. We don’t choose what we see, and we can’t choose what we want. But we can can make music and shout about it…”


Let’s continue, shall we?

‘FUXIT’ is off of the 8 track album, ‘Today’s News … Stay Happy’. Available now.


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