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BEING DEAD Kills In ‘Apostles Prom’. “Slash. You’re dead. Surprise!”

Cody Dosier & Juli Keller make up BEING DEAD. And when listening to ‘Apostles Prom’, you should feel a bit ‘dead’ – but ‘alive’. For what feels like your skin is dripping as your body is decomposing, in actuality, it is bubbling with excitement with a dash of fervor. The aroma of death, rekindles feelings of re-birth, as you come out of your second womb, just to see flashes of light then a quickening embrace of a warm and utter caress.

You’re surprised.

You’re very surprised at the after-life.

“Is this the after-life?” you asked.

Then in the far off but close distance, a voice replied: “Yes it is. But only in you own shell of a mind.”

From a pure theatrics point of view, you will be impressed with the hauntingly fulfilling cavalcade of sights and sounds, from both the audible and visual. BEING DEAD is about the artistic experience, and the duo delivers like there’s no tomorrow.

With psyche-rock habits clamoring for the juice for life, ‘Apostles Prom’ repeats the visions of a better and ‘alternative’ sunrise. It will shine again in the morning, but will you be here or there?

You should wake up.

Really, wake up.

Wake up.

‘Apostles Prom’ is exasperatingly refreshing and beautiful, in its own bespoke way.



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