Bel-Ami ‘MUSE(ic)’ : The golden visions of the song beams down and warms your heart.


“Without a ‘muse’, there is no art, there is no ‘MUSE(ic)’.”

Climbing the walls of life and impending challenges, Bel-mi’s ‘MUSE(ic)’ is a crash of waves, within waves, and tones. R&B/soul vibes collage into a beautiful tapestry of music from Bel-Ami.

“The sound and the subject matter is as gritty as the basement in Jersey, where the songs were recorded. Looking back, it’s almost as if we were living a dream. Everything was so effortless. To reference Malcolm Gladwell, it was definitely an ‘outlier’ moment, where preparation meets opportunity at the most perfectly divine time. If I could have determined early on what the perfect outcome would have been, it would not have been as good as what now exists.”

With the best traditions of the genres, the golden visions of the song beams down and warms your heart.

After fronting the recently released EP from New York collective Herbivores, which was championed by SoulBounce, SingersRoom, Kick Magazine and Soul-Addict, among others.


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