Belle Gibson: Charlatan caught and convicted, fined $410,000 AUS.

According to ABC (Australian Broadcast Company), Belle Gibson, a convicted fraud, will have to pay a gross total amount of $410,000 (AUS) as part of the judgement by Australia’s Consumer Affairs Victoria office.

Here is the breakdown, reported by ABC:
$90,000 / failing to donate proceeds f/ sale of The Whole Pantry app, as advertised
$50,000 / failing to donate proceeds f/ the launch of The Whole Pantry app
$30,000 / failing to donate proceeds f/ a 2014 Mothers Day event
$90,000 / failing to donate other company profits
$150,000 / failing to donate promised 100% of one week’s app sales to Joshua Schwarz

Gibson had said that she was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013. Subsequently she released a smartphone app focused on healthy eating.

However, her claims were lies.

In an interview with Australian Women’s Weekly, she admitted that she never had cancer and said “None of it’s true”.

On March 2017, the Federal court proved most of its case against Gibson and her claims. When the judgement was read, Gibson was not present. Judge Debra Mortimer’s decision stated that her claims had been misleading and deceptive and that “Ms Gibson had no reasonable basis to believe she had cancer from the time she began making these claims in public to promote The Whole Pantry Book and the apps in mid-2013″.

During the decision, Judge Mortimer said, “She has chosen not to explain her conduct. She has chosen not to apologize for it. It appears she has put her own interests before those of anyone else”.

Despite public outcry, the judgement did not include any jail sentence.

There is a group which monitors Belle Gibson and her activities, to this day, at BELLE GIBSON UNCOVERED (Facebook).

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