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BELLSAINT Shares ‘Can’t Stop A Woman’. “Soaring vibrance. Soulful exuberance.”

Soaring and affectionate, BELLSAINT’s refreshing take on how music can be conveyed, is a welcomed sight. Her cogent and deliberate words in ‘Can’t Stop A Woman’ continues her methods in communicating those insights, through her sharp and brilliant vocal expressions.

BELLSAINT’s influences include legends like Nancy Sinatra, Johnny Cash, and Queen. Which correctly is exuded through the vibrance and energy of her productions.

“I wrote this song with Amit Ofir and Sam Shrieve. I co-produced this with Amit and my husband, Kyle Moore. I used some of my earliest influences (Nancy Sinatra, French 60s pop) to guide the production. This one took longer to hone in, bc I genuinely wanted it to be a unique, empowering anthem for females. I didn’t want it to be another shallow attempt to jump on the bandwagon of generic girl-power songs. The idea came from my confidence in a woman’s resilience, and how much perseverance and impact we have when we set our mind to something.”

It’s more than process that defines a song.

It’s more than rules that define a song’s veracity.

It’s more than one element.

BELLSAINT combines such parts with grace and emphatic potential.

Let’s start with ‘Can’t Stop A Woman’, and beyond.



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