Belonging ‘Bad’ : Brings the light rock pop that just hooks.


It’s an uplifting promise. The song is not looking back, when you’re supposed to be looking forward. We freeze in analysis sometimes. We’re all guilty of that to degrees. But in the best traditions of 80’s roots-esque indie-pop traditions, Belonging brings the light rock pop that just hooks.

“’Bad’ is about me overthinking everything basically!” explained Belonging (Chris Patrick). “I find it way too easy to get lost in going over mistakes I’ve made and beating myself up about things I got wrong, but if you do that too much, you just end up setting yourself up to do the same thing again, so the song was like ‘don’t do that’.”

Continued: “But, then again, most of the time you have to get things wrong in order to know how to get things right, so it became a bit more like ‘embrace your mistakes’, and not be afraid of making more – it takes a lot of practice to look this bad!”

‘Bad’ is a package that is airy and fab as Men Without Hats displayed in the past. It’s a smile and charm that gives as much as it’s willing.

Word, yo.

We’re in. Let’s do dis.


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