Ben Alexander x Mörmaid ‘Somni’ : Meets head-on and melds into a mix of genres that can only be embraced.


More than just sound in the ethers of time and space, Ben Alexander’s production of ‘Somni’ is a beauty unto its vexing containment and affluence. Featuring the gorgeous and expressive vocals of Mörmaid, it crosses boundaries, with a swift and the profound. Garnering residence of emotive revelry, Ben’s composition, relegates the waves of the world, further off shore, for just a moment more.

“‘Somni’ is a song about how a dream/an idea can sometimes be more appealing and attractive rather than reality,” said Ben. “It presents how desire, attraction and love often portrays itself as ‘perfect’ within a dream to the point where one would desire the dream rather than reality. The song is, therefore, sung as a lovestory between the singer and a persons’ dream.”

With a heavy base and soft chords, the instrumental drives the vocals forward with a chill, ambient and mesmerizing way that keeps the listener hooked and attentive.

The experimental vibe of Ben’s works, meet head-on and melds into a mix of genres that can only be embraced.

‘Somni’ is that embrace.


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