Ben Fox Smith ‘Odwmm’ : That’s what he is. That’s what loves.

Ben Fox Smith

“Frank Black came out of the shower in a small towel, it was the first day of their tour together and Ben had not predicted the nature of his first meeting with his hero.”

Ben Fox Smith is still painfully under-rated. At just 17 Ben signed to Big Cat Records (Pavement, Grandaddy) as the singer-songwriter for Stony Sleep (Peel sessions) and produced two seminal albums which took them around the globe.

After Big Cat was sold to V2 Ben formed Serafin and signed to Taste Media (Muse) and made an acclaimed album with Dave Sardy (Soulwax, Dandy Warhols).

Without compromise Ben embarked on an experimental musical journey producing 12 other albums and 2 E.Ps.

He treks on like a champ still, with the same kind of creative zest that he’d shown throughout his career.

That’s what he is. That’s what loves.

And with every single he puts out, he’s hoping he’ll keep on convincing more to get in on the fun.

‘Odwmm’ is another part of him, you can dig.


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