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Ben Fox Smith Shares ‘I Want a Girl, I Want a Boy’.

Off of his newest solo album ‘Taciturn Lanzerac’ (available now), comes this quick paced single ‘I Want a Girl, I Want a Boy’.

Ben, at just 17 Ben signed to Big Cat Records (Pavement, Grandaddy) as the singer-songwriter for Stony Sleep (Peel sessions) and produced two seminal albums which took them around the globe. After Big Cat was sold to V2 Ben formed Serafin and signed to Taste Media (Muse) and made an acclaimed album with Dave Sardy (Soulwax, Dandy Warhols).

We’d previously stated: “BEN FOX SMITH is a character and a half. A soul for whom life experience has been as thick as chocolate pudding, and a musical heart that beats as strong as it’s ever have. With a wit for irony and eyes for the ‘absurdities’ of life, he continues to do his own thang, when and how he pleases. And that’s the draw that Ben has been cultivating and disseminating to his fans all these years..his career began in earnest from the tender age of 17 with big contracts and tours. With his current personal, one man project, he instills, of himself, why he’d started making music and never deviates.”

‘I Want A Girl, I Want A Boy’ is an angle of Ben that we’d just gotten to get to know. It’s a vibrant and surf-y rock that is wholly still Ben, but adds a more familiar tones to the offering. Always with a lush strumming drive to his music, accompanied by the oddity of truth and solace of his lyrics, ‘I Want A Girl, I Want A Boy’ is an understated “pick-me-up” to your week.

See Ben next for Bright Nights • E2 @ Old George in London UK, December 5th.



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