Ben Greenberg ‘End of the Line’ : Ben speaks and we listen. He sings, and we sway.

Ben Greenberg

“The end of the line is coming, the river of time just won’t stop running. You try to save what you found on the way, but it melts through your mouth like honey… Where is the light, and how do I find it? Am I seeing clearly or have I been blinded? What’s the use of even trying, if it all comes to nothing at the end of the line?”

Words, redeeming.

Said Ben Greenberg: “They came from my heart, and my heart was in a dark, nihilistic place. I was depressed, lonely, low on self-esteem and full of doubts about the worth and meaning of my life. To make things worse, I was hardly talking to anyone about these low feelings. I was two years into living in Los Angeles with little to show for it. I felt that I was just running in place as I stared down the impending end of my 20s. My social circle was stagnant, my love life non-existent, my employment haphazard. I felt like I was running out of time to get my act together, and I had forgotten why it should matter in the first place.”

Frustration and anger, for the ambitions – once so very enthusiastic – which had not fulfilled as you’d imagined. But has it not? With thoughts of such emotionally heavy inklings, the chapters of the life that should be, is being written just under the surface – in silence and in-depth.

With a gritty indie-rock vibes, textured beautifully with the honesty of Ben’s vocals, the entrenched lyrics are a cross back into the most rock that exists just inside our hearts.

The world may mistreat, but we’ve got the music and the damn gumption to express them as they come.

Ben’s done that. Speaking for all of us who can relate.

With guitar work that is in the tradition of artist like Duncan Sheik and Tonic, Ben speaks and we listen.

He sings, and we sway.


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