Ben Greenberg ‘Let You Down’ : A union in details; summed up in one hundred percent. Look into her eyes. Dedicate, once again.

Ben Greenberg / Photo: Ojo De Loba

“‘Let You Down’ is about shame and self-judgment, and the way those negative emotions can be amplified when we keep secrets from those who care about us the most. It was a co-write with my producer Jordan Ruiz.”

Ben Greenberg is an alternative-folk singer-songwriter from California’s North Bay Area living in Los Angeles.

Added Ben: “During production we debated how far to push the sonic envelope on this track, wanting to avoid too obvious of a sound and looking for inspiration from the Bon Iver, Bon Iver album. We ultimately settled on an arrangement that we felt balanced between unique choices and accessibility.”

Too much comfort, in the realism of now and forever. A losing proposition to the utter gaze of real love and dedication. A union in details; summed up in one hundred percent.

If there’s commitment, there’s no way of disappointing the way you would. It’s a road to truth in communication and adulation.

Look into her eyes. Dedicate, once again.

Gorgeous vision from Ben, indeed.

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My recent release “Let You Down” deals in part with matters of strength, weakness, and what it is to be a man. I want to say something about masculinity. There is NOT ONE RIGHT WAY to be a man. (There are certainly wrong ways, but I would say that they pretty much coincide with things that would be wrong for any human of any sex or gender.) You don’t have to look or dress a certain way to be a man. You don’t have to speak or act a certain way to be a man. You don’t have to like or dislike certain things. You don’t have to have a certain sexuality or feel your emotions in a certain way. I’m a man, and I like flowers and seashells and beautiful things. Sometimes I grow my hair long, sometimes I cut it short. I’m sensitive, empathetic, sometimes introverted and sometimes extroverted. Sometimes I cry when I watch emotional movies or listen to beautiful music. I’ve never been very good at sports; I’m not very muscular, and sometimes I feel physically deficient. I do have inner and outer strength, but sometimes I’m weak. I’ve made mistakes and decisions I’m not proud of. As I entered adulthood, I hardened myself, and at times I tried to push down parts of myself that I saw as weak or soft. I thought that was how I was going to handle the world and take care of myself effectively. I was still immature and childish in many ways, but instead of recognizing that I still had growing and learning to do, instead of embracing myself and allowing myself to simply be, I developed negative beliefs and feelings about parts of myself. I’m trying to be kinder and more self-loving now. I’m still learning and growing, I’m still figuring out how to be an adult. But I have learned that I need all of myself in this life. I need to embrace and value ALL of myself – I cannot cut myself down and hope to live well or have good relationships with other people. I want to say that I recognize and respect diverse gender identities and expressions – and I also want to note that we are all individuals, and no gender can be defined in a singular way. Archetypes are archetypes, not living breathing humans. Man is not a monolith. I’ll say it again: there is not one right way to be a man. ❤️ to all.

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