Ben Hazlewood ‘Lying’ : Proximity of perfection in pop and heavenly vision of song.

Ben Hazlewood

Beautiful vocals determine your listening direction with Ben Hazlewood. You’re enveloped and you just can’t stop the stop the momentum.

Through his debut album ‘Bloodline’, his single ‘Lying’ is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the proximity of perfection in pop and heavenly vision of song.

“’Lying’ is about putting on a brave face while hiding the fight of an internal pain and the fear of being vulnerable,” said Ben. “Sometimes it’s easier to be lost in a lie than to face a truth that could expose and unravel you.”

‘Bloodline’ is an album that allows a variety of listeners to connect regardless of their background, there is something for everyone. The 10 song list of gorgeous and anthemic song in grit, love, loss, redemption, wells up with gorgeous and classic insurgence.

Get lost in the worldly strength of Ben’s music and his vocals.


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