Ben Kunder ‘Stranger’ : About accepting that the strange and weird can be beautiful.

Ben Kunder

Ben Kunder’s vivid follow-up to 2018’s Better Human, neatly expands on the Toronto indie-folk, singer/songwriter’s ability to soundtrack both the ordinary and the extraordinary in luminous detail. The softly propulsive and undulating, ‘Stranger’ – the album’s second single – is a song buoyed by what sounds like a very harmonic squadron of vocalists, drenching sentiments for something just over the horizon.

“I have really discovered my voice as an artist and more than ever before,” said Ben. “I am trusting myself and my weirdness. Searching For The Stranger is not only about searching for something or someone different but about accepting that the strange and weird can be beautiful, too.”

With every song starting in the studio, being built up by Ben, in collaboration with either and sometimes both Aaron Goldstein and Chris Stringer, the songs were given room to breathe.

Taking a less traditional route to the recording process, all of the instruments were played between the three of them, allowing for exploration of every idea for writing or instrumentation, focusing more on the process and finding joy in the studio, as opposed to a definite end goal with a specific sound and energy.

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