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Ben Leece Shares ‘Villains’. “In That Beautiful Dusk Spring Evening.”

Rocking his new bicycle, he rode across to the neighbors to tell his friend of his new ride. He knew his friend, Jimmy, was the jealous type, so he wanted to help start his friend’s day with a ‘bang’.

Jimmy’s mom came to the door, and he said he was feeling sick. That he was in bed for the whole weekend and that maybe he should come around later.

“Alright. Thanks Mrs. Collison. Please tell Jimmy that I’ll come by again tomorrow.”

Tony found out, after the fact, that his friend from kindergarten died that evening. Tony was confused, as he he was told by his mother and father of the news. His mom was crying, and dad was sad in grief.

“I’m going to make something to go visit Agnes,” Tony’s mom said as she was sobbing.

That weird and tragic weekend, never was forgotten. So, throughout his days, Tony was never mad at anyone. Gave chances to the worst and loved dearly his best and trusted friends.

“That weekend changed my whole outlook in life,” reminisced Tony, as he looked far into the horizon. He then happily snapped back to the present, and told his grand-children, “Now you kids go and have fun playing!”

He looked back at his daughter, smiling back at him, on the porch, in that beautiful dusk Spring evening.

BEN LEECE’s single ‘Villains’ is a beautiful song. Americana, or pop, it doesn’t matter, for it draws on many facets of honest musical construction that is always never to be denied.

We didn’t.



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