Ben McLaughlin ‘The Death of George Floyd’ : He observes. He writes. He sings. We all ponder, and maybe take action.

Ben McLaughlin

“Originally released 10 days after the notorious murder of George Floyd, I have been donating all Bandcamp proceeds to various Black Lives Matter organizations and will continue to do so for as long as the song is out in the world,” said Ben McLaughlin. “I believe there needs to be clear documentation from songwriters again, because facts are becoming more clouded for political reasons. I am trying to help kickstart this new, modern Woody Guthrie-style folk movement in the 21st century so that people can look back and see where the U.S. was at the time.”

Thoughtful charm is where Ben’s declaration for music blooms. Heady subject, both in ethereal and in reality of man, Ben’s mission for living the good life, means that all men and women can and should live with liberty and justice backing their existence.

He observes. He writes. He sings. We all ponder, and maybe take action.

Let’s keep the momentum of true reform, both in institutions and awareness in zeitgeist. It’s another pivotal opportunity and moment for our country. A movement, even further distant from the country’s biggest stain and a push towards another new chapter.

Added Ben: “I wrote, recorded and played everything out in a yurt near Cumberland Gap, TN in an effort to contribute to the ongoing human rights issues happening in America.”

Kudos Ben. Kudos.


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