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Ben Millburn Shares ‘Call Me King’. Deep Breaths. Deep Breaths.

Relaxing by the fireside chats of friends and acquaintances, that summer we had it all in comfort and satisfaction. It wasn’t always like this. It was even more golden than it was that current summer days.

That was because SHE was there with me.

But not anymore. And that was a shame. For we thought it was our destiny to be together.

We used to make dinner for our friends, talk like there was no tomorrow until. Early into the next day, we would watch the sun rise in the east by that gorgeous beach side.

I do miss her. I do.

In any case, I need to change this. “I need to be better at forgetting what we had.”

“But why is it this hard??”

Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Let’s try again tomorrow.


Sunglass Moustache is a psychedelic record from Austin dwelling-Louisiana native Ben Millburn. It is also the name of the musicians and artists in his band and on his team. The band made the record in and around Austin, Texas at Church House (Robert Plant, Eddie Vedder, Black Angels) and Good Danny’s (Okkervil River, White Denim) studios. “We recorded the majority of the record live, vocals and all, about a week after we got back from a tour of the South. We recorded eight songs in two days. The rest of the record comes from studio improvisations and a song or two from my eight track. The first song ‘I Feel Something’ was one that we improvised in the studio.”


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