Ben Noble ‘Bluebird’ : Delivered in wholeness, perpetrated in the realms of the possible.

Ben Noble / Photo: Laura Vail

Ben Noble is a Minneapolis based singer/songwriter. And in ‘Bluebird’ he brings out the unfazed look at a concept and a reception to that ever lingering knowledge. A beckoning nothingness, delivered in wholeness, perpetrated in the realms of the possible.

This synth pushed single is a fabulous offering from Ben, demonstrating the acceptance of serendipity, with a vision for comfort and awe for the process.

Said Ben: “The whole song came about because of a computer glitch which created the intro keyboard part. It was a very happy accident.”


Ben’s 2nd LP, ‘Where The Light Comes In’ is set to be released in March 2020. About the LP, Ben elaborated that the “effort is a major expansion of the sonic palette, introducing drums, synths, electric guitars… “it is as much a sonic experiment as it is a heart – rending search for answers to questions of grief and the cyclical nature of trauma.”



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