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Ben Pirani’s Share With Us Again His Hit Single ‘Dreamin’s For Free’. New LP Drops In July.

The haze of that walk through that valley of her mind, wonton and projecting, heightened the dismal decadence of the needs – the profound needs of the un-sure self. Her hands floating in the air with no care in the world, but heavy enough with future prospects, that it couldn’t penetrate the thick and dark stratosphere above. It hovered just below, under the surface, and above.

Ben Pirani’s latest single ‘Dreamin’s For Free’ is indicative of that sensation.

The neo soul DJ is back in print before his new LP is due to drop this July.

It’s one of the best ways to lose yourself, just a little bit. The dreamy contextual arrogance of the music, lays you down on that soft memory foam of past grandeur, small victories, and loves lost in perpetuity.

The sadness is highlighted with the glimmer of vigil guided hopefulness.

It’s good stuff.

Take a look once more.

New LP ‘How Do I Talk To My Brother’ arrives in July on Colemine Records.



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